The Language of Music

There will not be too many individuals who don’t have any music of their hearts. Within the centuries past musicians performed a key role within the entertainment of Royalty and their court. This still holds true with a big difference. At this time, the general public, young and old, listen to a wide variety of music in various ways that our modern society offers.

Nice works of music live on long after their composers die. Think of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and plenty of more. Quick forward to fashionable times. There are numerous classical compositions transposed into fashionable tunes. Think of Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.2, more popularly heard as To Love Once more, a popular rendition performed on the piano on the Eddie Duchin Story. Beethoven’s Fifth was popularized with a distinct tempo. A few of these timeless pieces are used as we speak as background music of movies. It is commendable that among the youthful generation, there are those who still find pleasure in listening to classical music.

Musicians at present are revolutionary- they can change the tempo to whatever pleases their ears. It allows them to specific themselves in whatever way that suits them, in whatever form of artistry they adopt. Surprisingly, even the weirdest performer can appeal to quite a following. There is a musical fashion that seem to charm every style, temperament or generation of our current times. This proves that there is something enchanting about music.

Proficient musicians change into international celebrities, propelled to fame and fortune. Sadly, the good musicians of the long gone era weren’t as lucky. Mozart didn’t fare too well financially. He was not alone. If they lived right this moment with their talent and reward, they would be among the many millionaire celebrities. Nevertheless, these nice musicians are immortalized, thanks to their music- a long-lasting legacy to man.

Music has stirred man’s soul way, way back, to the biblical times. Listening to someone play the piano at a social gathering was the highlight of the event in years gone by. Then came sing- along. As we speak, some choose to listen to their favourite music with no matter toy they have.

In fashionable times, there are musical talent shows, a well-liked tool to carry out proficient people from obscurity. Susan Boyle is an efficient example. As we speak’s society does not lack in talent on this planet of music- from composers, track-writers and arrangers, to singers, anywhere within the world.

Some listen to music while they study or while they drive. With the advent of technology, the iPod is part of the personal paraphernalia. Others take the iPod to bed. Music is a part of our on a regular basis activities.

A solemn occasion like a funeral service has its own appropriate music. So does a marriage, and nearly any occasion. What would Christmas be like without carols filling up the airwaves, creating a jovial temper, stirring the spirit of the holidays? Some have their favourite song to exercise to. A soothing and soft background music enhances an atmosphere of serenity, the place some seek internal peace from a chaotic world. After a protracted day, some prefer to turn on their favourite music as they attempt to unwind.

Music creates an aura of peace and intimacy with candle-lit dinners. A room that echoes the sound of appealing music is inviting. Indeed, it is enjoyable to listen to one’s favourite songs

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