/r/HealthyFood Rules – Be sure to go over this before participating in the subreddit


Welcome to /r/HealthyFood. This sub is for discussion of foods which may be considered good for us. You might see something posted here which you don’t believe to be “healthy”. Understand that people come in a variety of shapes, needs, and points of view. What may be good for someone else may not be ideal for you. Don’t get angry about it.
Instead, offer counter opinions respectfully and with links to support your claims.

# *Educate, don’t berate.*

## The Rules of /r/HealthyFood

Just reading the rule titles is sufficient for 99.999% of people participating here. Unfortunately, the detail for each rule has made this lengthy. Thank all the rule lawyers and bad actors out there who made it necessary.

### 1) [Reddiquette+](https://www.reddithelp.com/en/categories/reddit-101/reddit-basics/reddiquette) is required. Don’t be a dick

Read the new version of Reddiquette if you have not done so already. Disagreements are fine but personal attacks and insults are not. No witch hunts or downvote complaining. In addition;

* Trolling, insults, or antagonism towards the subreddit participants, the moderators, or even the community itself will result in a ban.
* No complaint posts or comments about this or any other subreddit. Use modmail to discuss concerns about rules and moderation.
* Don’t make generalizations about the subreddit or its participants. They are not backed by actual data, are rarely accurate, and also are rarely anything but intentional antagonism or whining because others did not emphatically agree.
* Avoid rude non-constructive comments – Do not add comments calling food disgusting or gross or any other non-constructive criticisms. Do not claim foods to be unhealthy without citing specific studies (with links)^* and do not do so disrespectfully. AVOID absolutist claims since people are not all exactly the same nor do they all have the same needs.
* Food / Diet / Portion shaming is not allowed – way too often shamers assume things and get it wrong. Their diet may not be what yours is. Their picture may show something that is a rare treat or meant for a number of people. It may contain healthy ingredients meant to appear as something else. Don’t assume. Don’t shame.

IMPORTANT NOTE: your level of anger or how right / informative you think you are is NOT ever an exception from the rules. Being a dick is not ever going to succeed in anything except you coming across like a dick. It doesn’t change minds or get anyone to consider your point. Walk away if you are upset. Report it if something violates the rules. ***Educate, don’t berate***.

### 2) No dietary activism / crusading

Diet wars are NOT welcome in this subreddit. Being a diet fan is fine. Being a jerk fan of a diet is not. Being a jerk anti-diet fan is not. Dietary crusading will result in a ban. If you wish to avoid being banned, then **DO NOT**;

* **engage disrespectfully towards other diets / beliefs**
* **engage in diet crusading in this subreddit**
* **downvote due to someone’s diet preference**
* **promote or argue ethics and morals** – Posts and comments along these lines will be removed because they are often intended to be inflammatory and are always off topic from the focus of this subreddit which is healthful aspects of food. Ethics and morals do not change the nutritional aspects of whatever it is that is consumed.
* **promote diet absolutism** – your favorite diet is not the only healthy one nor is it “the best” so don’t present it that way. You CAN say “it is best for me” and explain why. You can explain that your favorite diet emphasizes some facet of nutrition (as long as it actually and provably does by a consensus).
* **make specious claims** – claiming a diet cures a chronic disease is not allowed. Saying it “can control the symptoms of” is fine if that is the case
* **engage in pitchforking or brigading** – do not engage in these type behaviors towards this subreddit or posts therein
* **bias whine** – in any form is a problem but “I’m downvoted because I eat (name diet)” especially is just shit stirring and playing martyr
* **excessively advertise a diet based subreddit** – feel free to talk about your favorite diet but only advertise the sub for it in no more than 1/10 of your activity

Anyone can present their dietary POV as long as they do so *respectfully* and abide by the rules.

### 3) No self-promotion outside the Pantry Post

This sub is under constant bombardment from spammers / self-promoters. The moderators do not have the time to be wishy washy about this. There is only one option for promotion. Anything outside of it results in a ban.

Do not make posts or add comments to posts of others which discusses, links to, or includes content from anything you are affiliated with. This includes your own works / article / blog / site / youtube channel / survey / funding drive / social media account / etc. Any violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban. ***The ONLY place in the sub to promote is the comments section of the subreddit ‘Pantry Post for Self-Promotion’ found at the top of the sub.***

IMPORTANT NOTE: Again, *any* violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban.

### 4) Post quality requirements

* Posts must be on topic / about healthy food – Do not submit posts which are about vitamins and supplements (they aren’t food), medical conditions or test results (consult a professional), diet analysis, or subreddit and moderation gripes (this one or any other. use modmail).
* No specious cure claims – Due to issues mostly related to spam, we do not allow posts, comments, or links to content which make claims about a “cure” for diabetes or cancer.
* No blogspam or non-substantive blog posts – Cases where a posted blogger’s article offers little to no information and either simply summarizes another article or just points to another URL, will likely be removed. Posts lacking in substantive content will likely be removed. Blog articles which offer simplistic summaries such as “(a food item) is good for you” or “You should eat a healthier diet” or “diet type x is better than diet type y” without going into any details will likely be removed.
* Food picture posts must be your pictures and not from your site, blog, article, or social media account – make clear if the picture or the food in it is not yours. If your post is just a picture of food, it should be your picture of *your* food.
* No meme posts – Avoid memes or any image with text on it

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you submit a food picture post, be prepared to provide the recipe for it. It is not required per se but you may get inundated with recipe requests or worse.

### 5) No YouTube

Due to the *extremely* high rate of YouTube links either being spam or off-topic, links to YouTube are no longer allowed. Don’t discuss content there or identify channels / videos. Anyone who tries to end run the rule by suggesting where to find the video (or any other method) will be banned. *We mean it. No youtube.*

### 6) Underage, New, & low karma accounts are restricted

New accounts and those with negative karma cannot post in this subreddit. Let your new account age a bit while you get to know the subreddit and comment on other posts. Accounts with negative karma will not be able to post or comment here.

Dietary advice posts are not allowed, especially from those under 18 years of age. Do not give dietary advice to those under 18.

### …and that may not cover everything

Though this is extremely rare, posts and comments may be removed and accounts may be banned at moderator discretion and for reasons other than those stated in the rules. It is not possible to provide a rule for every potential problem. For example, there is no rule regarding nuclear secrets yet we would not allow posts or comments about them in the sub. The best advice we can offer on this is; Don’t be a dick in any way

## About modmail and appeals

To be blunt, we currently only have two human mods and over a million subscribers. The spam we get hit with requires most of the volunteer time we have to give. We really don’t have time to wade in the mud of bad faith engagement.

*When modmailing, bad faith interaction and especially being dishonest, disingenuous, rude, antagonistic, or indignant will always be counter productive.* Instead, be honest and straightforward, be aware of the rules, and have self-awareness if you violated them. If you have a heated chip on your shoulder, take some time before responding.

The only consideration for appeals is whether you followed / will follow the rules or not. Things that are not a consideration and you should avoid bringing into it; votes, what other people or subs do, your intent, what something costs, the amount of help / info you think you can provide, your opinion of the rules, your favorite sweater, etc. It’s about following the rules.

**Before appealing a removal** – read any removal notice, the rules, and the notice on the posting page. A post removal notice will provide the reason and state any options there might be.

**Before appealing a ban** –

* again, take a breath and be civil as any antagonism or other bad faith engagement will end discussion
* read any communications to you from the mod team including automod. The ban notice states the ban reason and provides a link to relevant context related to your ban (more than one comment or post may be involved than the one in the context link)
* ban discussion and appeals are only handled via a response to the ban message sent from the sub. Do not create new modmail chains to discuss your ban
* requests for immediate undoing of a ban because you are new or suddenly found awareness of rules and notices will NOT be granted. There is more than plenty of heads up about the need to follow the rules. There are no free passes.

## Moderators needed

We’d like to add about a dozen moderators.

Working to make a positive place means dealing with the negatives so this is not ‘fun’. You have to deal with pests and weeds and put in work regularly to have a great garden. If you want to help, have more than a year of history on reddit, can offer a little time every day, and aren’t a dietary crusader, send us a modmail and ask about joining the mod team.

^* About “that’s unhealthy” comments – If you have a differing opinion from the poster or others in the comments about what is healthy, it’s fine to disagree provided you A) help them understand your view by backing the claim with links to sources and B) avoid being rude about it in any way. Nobody is censoring you and in fact, we are striving for the opposite. *We want you to effectively get your point across*. We want people to learn from each other and to do so it should be a discussion based on science, not “because I said so”, which is why we require the citation links. You get to give an opinion backed by facts and help others understand your point when you add links to sources. It is positive and productive and has an actual chance of convincing others to look at it from your perspective. It also gives the other party a chance to examine what you are basing your belief on and counter any possible misunderstandings you might have. Just commenting “that’s unhealthy” is rude and does jack shit.