Great for working out or just a hot day

So, I’ve been dropping some poundage and needed an athletic shirt to sit as a stand cheap Santos jerseys in for a cycling jersey. I didn’t want to spend money on a cycling jersey, only to not be able to wear it in a few months. This NFL shirt was a great decision. I’ve never worn athletic shirts before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how effective it would be.

First, the shirt is incredibly comfortable. On a 2.5 hour ride, it never chaffed or rubbed the wrong way. I purchased it in white, so it did a great job at reflecting the sunlight and keeping me cool. I was also pretty impressed at how quickly the shirt dried (and I sweat A LOT). Within about 20 minutes of me finishing my ride, the shirt was pretty dry.

I am 5′ 8″ 195 lbs fat strong build. As in I’m not lean whatsoever but also have decently developed muscles. These shirts are awesome I own 5 of them. They really hide your gut while making your traps and shoulders look well developed. I like my shirts fitted and for my build they are exactly that while not making me look fat. It probably helps that I wear compression shirts under these. They are light and wick sweat fast. The only complaint I have is that they might not be very durable. So far they are not falling apart and I wash them pretty often but I will update this if they do start falling apart. But for the price I cant complain and wont dock a star. If you’re a shorter stocky guy but not fat these are the shirt for you.