Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight!


Eat chocolate and lose weight, yes I said it! In the same sentence even. Chocolate lovers are going to be delighted to hear that not only can you feast your lips on heavenly chocolate but you just may lose a few pounds from eating it too! I am starting to think that this just may be the-most delicious diet idea ever!

Chocolate as a health food item? That goes against everything that we have been told about dieting and losing weight. But it just so happens that by purposefully picking out the best chocolates you will benefit not only from weight loss but also find relief from high cholesterol, heart disease, depression and so much more!

It is no surprise that dark chocolate is healthy for you. Everybody is talking about it. It is all over the news and I am sure that you have seen the stories and read the articles that dark chocolate is indeed good for you. Dark chocolate has been found to lower blood pressure. In addition, the antioxidant content of dark chocolate has been found to help in the fight against heart disease. But don’t go grabbing for that Hershey’s Bar or even a Godiva Bar just yet. The chocolate that you buy in the stores is laden with fats, fillers and waxes and even though the experts say to eat 70% cacao it is only best when eaten in moderation… right? Not anymore.

I don’t know about you but dieting is so hard for me because when I cut out certain foods for a long period of time I usually end up binging on them and feeling SO guilty afterwards. Chocolate is especially hard for me to cut out because I love it so much. I am sure that I am not alone in my love for chocolate. Did you know that people spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate? The per capita consumption of chocolate indicates that each person consumes 12 pounds of chocolate each year! Wowzers! Now you can benefit from the consumption of chocolate and not feel guilty one bit.

With new scientific studies showing dark chocolate and raw cacao’s ability to help stabilize blood sugar, it only makes sense that the right kind of chocolate can help those looking to lose weight. And that’s only the beginning of what research is saying about the health benefits of chocolate.

Are you looking to lose some weight and are sick of the same old diet fads and food restrictions? If you could find out how to eat more chocolate and lose weight at the same time, would you?!! Amazingly, you can eat chocolate regularly throughout your weight-losing day while increasing your rate of fat-loss. Now that sounds like something I can stick to!


Source by Mary Cascio